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Hyrum Wolf

Founder & CEO of GentKey

The founder who is redefining what it means to be a gentlemen

About Hyrum Wolf

From a young age, Mr. Wolf had a dream. “I wanted to change the world, I just wasn't sure how someone did that.” Mr. Wolf goes on to explain, “I think I just got lucky. Yes, I was willing to work all the time, but none of my work compared to me just seeming to always be in the right place at the right time.” Below you can read more about him and his own personal story of going from being a young boy with a dream to the Founder and CEO of GentKey.

Fun fact about our founder

Our founder is a Luminary. Now a question you may find yourself asking is, "Why not a Statesman or even an inventor." Well, we will let Hyrum answer it for you. "I think the thing people forget about the lodges is that they represent not who you are, they are where you want to go. This is what I think defines gentlemen today: direction!" Hyrum hopes to change our society's very core, redefine his industry, and change himself in the process. "In my eyes," says Hyrum, "that's what is at the heart of a true Luminary, that light, that vision."

From Missionary to Millionaire

       “Before I tell you about how I started my company, you'll first have to understand a little more about me. Growing up, I didn't really fit in with other kids. I remember in high school while other kids were off partying I was instead always learning a new instrument or watching free college lectures on YouTube. The big change came when I decided at the last minute to graduate early. I had grown tired of the lack of maturity from my fellow high school students. I grew up in a strong Christian family, and there is an expectation within my faith to serve a two-year mission for our church. To be honest, I had no interest at the time in doing that. So, I ran off to college, where I learned two things. One, I love D&D, and two, I was done with school. I didn't see any value in a degree that only taught me what I could teach myself on the internet. I certainly had no interest in paying someone to tell me whether I was learning what they “said” was important or not.
        Due to some faith promoting experiences at college, I decided to serve that two year proselytizing mission my parents wanted me to serve, and it changed my life. I not only learned the value of becoming a Gentleman, I also increased my personal faith in God. Along the way I also knocked over the metaphorical dominoes that would prove to plant the seed for GentKey. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was the winter of 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah (yes that was my mission assignment, I didn't get to pick) and it was the worst winter they had had in years. There was snow on the ground (and a lot of it) and I was assigned to serve without a vehicle, so I was biking with another missionary, and we were knocking door to door. We were on the last door of a complex and I told my missionary companion if they didn't open, I didn't care how early it was, we were going home. I walked up to the last door and knocked on it.
       After a few moments I knocked again and as I was turning to leave I heard the dead bolt unlock. The door opened and a long blond haired man with a smiling face looked at us and said, “Elders, come in!” I was just relieved to be out of the cold. Little did I know I just knocked into the man who would change my life. After giving a brief spiritual message, we got to talking and exchanged information. The name of the man was Kai Micah Mills; Millionaire, Serial Founder, Tech Entrepreneur, Vitalist, and I'm glad to say still to this day my friend.
       After chatting for a while over the phone and visiting every few weeks, I found my childhood dream to change the world be reignited as I heard his story of dropping out of high school after two weeks and jumping head first into building companies. It was in the middle of these conversations that I found myself trapped in my apartment for two weeks due to me and my companion being sick. I'd sleep for 16 hours and then have nothing to do but sit around our small basement apartment and think. It was in that dark basement that I got to thinking about nothing else than the Joe Rogan Podcast. I know, it's kind of a weird twist. But I was half asleep dreaming about sitting across that table when I realized I would hate it. I had done nothing with my life. I had this urge to change the world yet had settled for doing so little besides my mission up to that point. So at that moment I got up, sat up at my desk, opened a notepad, and started to write down ideas.
       I still have the notepad. I have scribbles, idea's, notes, and a cobbled mess of what would prove to be the foundation of GentKey. From there, I just followed the normal entrepreneur story. I used my contact, tried to provide value, and got introduced to more contacts. Whether it was a stroke of luck or an act of God, I knocked on the exact door that I needed to allow me to build GentKey, the future of gentlemen, the gentlemen of the future.”

Dear Reader

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story. While GentKey has been well planned out we have a long way to go before we are where we want to be. If our values align with yours we'd love for you to join or even just tell people about what we are doing. We are here for you, so if you have any ideas we should consider undertaking let us know. Thanks so much, God bless you!

- Hyrum Wolf

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