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The 21st Century Gentlemen's Society

What is GentKey

GentKey is a premium service designed to create, organize, and support Gentlemen to live better lives with our horizon philosophy and pillars of 21st Century Gent-hood. Check out our upcoming horizon events!

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Becoming a Key Holder Includes…

  • Placement into a Horizon Lodges
  • Access to our online servers
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  • Access to upcoming discounts and partnerships
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Fun fact about our founder

Our founder is a Luminary. Now a question you may find yourself asking is, "Why not a Statesman or even an inventor." Well to have Hyrum Wolf, our Founder & CEO, answer the question you can check out bellow. You can also hear about where the first imaginations of GentKey came from along with links all the places you can hear from our founder first hand.