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Lodges are designed to organize gentlemen. Each lodge represents a pillar of being a 21st Century Gentleman.

Horizon Lodges, Uniting 21st Century Gentlemen

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Inventor - The Creative

Inventors are just that. Inventors & Entrepreneurs at heart. They are free minded thinker types. For inventors it’s less about the money and more about the freedom to create and do. For you, the world being better from what you created reaches far beyond them knowing your name. Your Gent is shown through your creativity.

Statesmen - The Affable

Statesmen are all about the people. Whether you're a politician, a social media influencer, or even a salesman, your craft, your passion, is people. Being Kings and Queens of the people game, it's not what you know, but who you know. Your Gent is shown through your affability.

Courtier - The Responsible

You may not be the most innovative, charismatic, or even knowledgeable person, but you believe in taking on responsibility non-the-less. You sit in the metaphorical ‘Kings Court.’ Decisions don't get made before being run by you. Whether it be due to your position or specific set of skills, you're the counselor behind the Queens and Kings of our world. Your Gent is shown through your counsel and support you give others, and the responsibility you take on.

Luminary - The Compitent

Luminaries are those who seek competence, often achieving expertise within their field. Whether you're the CEO of a company or the leader of a team, you bridge the gap perfectly between Mavens and Statesmen. Your Gent is shown by your ability to do things successfully or efficiently, your compitence.

Maven - The Sophisticated

Mavens are experts in their field. You may be a scientist, professor, or general intellectual, but to you knowledge is power. Your field, your research, your work, and your knowledge, that is your passion. Your Gent is shown through your intellectual pursuits and sophistication.