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Note: Applying for Key Holder status gives no commitment to to join GentKey. Instead it puts you on the waiting list for when the first keys are assigned.

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Bronze Key

Benifits include
  • Access to private online servers
  • Access to exclusive online trainings
  • Priority Access to Horizon events

Silver Key

Benifits include
  • Gent Key Benifits
  • Official Lodge Placement
  • Access to horizon Timeline meetings
  • Access to private Lodge online services
  • Free Horizon Event Access
  • 10% off all Horizon Products

Gold Key

Coming Soon
Benifits include
  • Executive Key Benifits
  • Gold VIP Lodge Pass
  • Garden Priority
  • VIP seating at Horizon Events
  • Gold Lodge Priority

Dimond Key

Coming Soon
Benifits include
  • Signature Key Benifits
  • Dimond VIP Pass
  • Dimond Garden Priority
  • Dimond VIP seating at Horizon Events
  • Dimond Lodge Priority

Exclusivity - GentKey is a Society of successful Gentleman. This means membership may be terminated at any time if your character fails to meet the high standards of being a gentleman. You will be notified if/when your application has been accepted along with any further steps you will need to take to claim your Key. If you were not accepted but have had a major change to any of the questions we encourage you to reapply as we are always accepting new applications.