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What are our resources and services?

Time Saving Resources (P.E.A. Program)

At its core GentKey is designed to allow Gentlemen to come together and live better lives. Part of this can be through your own Personal Executive Assistant. This may sound simple but you will quickly find that our well trained staff not only save you time and money on the simple day to day tasks, but they help connect you with the new lifestyle you can live as a Key Holder. Your P.E.A. will not only help manage your schedule, book meetings, and arrange services from landscaping and housekeeping for you, but they can help you stay up to date on upcoming Horizon Events, get connected with other members of your lodge, and ensure you get the exclusive prices you have a right to as a Key Holder.

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Save Time

Exclusive prices on Products and Services

Your success is our success. For this reason we partner with companies around the world to offer exclusive products and services at discounted prices. When you become a Key Holder, you are assigned the lodge you belong in and this step is crucial. Your faction is part of your identity and allows us to notify you of the most relevant partnerships we make to save you money.

Save Money

Horizon Events

Key Holders are the types of Gentleman who hold in their hands the world's future. At Horizon Events Key Holders have the opportunity to surround themselves with respectable peers to network and learn together. Horizon Events can and do vary. While some events are designed as conventions for new technologies and companies with keynote speakers, others are simply private environments to network, share a drink, and enjoy life with fellow Gentlemen.

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